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Cheapest Property Management Company in Auckland

Time holds Memories.
Space holds Energy.

At airpropty limited – property management in Auckland, it’s all about creating a positive environment with beautiful memories!

We believe in building relationships that go the distance by helping you create amazing memories. The time we spend with you revolves around positive memories, and the environment carries them to form an aura that surrounds you and the people you care about. This is what drives us to strive for creating an environment that boosts positive energy.

How do we do it? It’s a secret…. NOT!

PS. Let us in you on our secret!

We achieve this by educating, understanding, respecting, and caring about each other’s values. Yes, it’s a two-way thing!

To our competitors, we are just another property management company, but for our people (YOU), we are much more than that, we are a team.

We offer cheapest property management services to landlords who want to maximize their returns. And that’s not it; we also provide renovations management services, so if you are a real estate agent in south Auckland or an Auckland property owner wanting to tidy up your property, contact us.

We are property management specialists who will go the distance to make things happen for you.

To our landlords/investors, we strive to give an experience of a lifetime by looking after your investment as our own so that you can enjoy living a great life. We deploy modern methods to find and screen the best tenants for your investment. Moreover, we educate your tenants and tell them how to take care of the property and help them manage their expectations in property management in Auckland. We know that no one is perfect! That’s the reason why we work hard to keep your tenants in line and maximize your profits to help you relax.

If you are our tenant, we want you to know that we truly care for you and your family. Our goal is to create an environment of unlimited positive vibes that helps you and your family make great memories. We also offer a rental properties Auckland guide that allows you to choose the right home. So, whether you are a student looking for a calm environment to maintain your focus on your studies or a young family looking for a haven for your kids to grow, we will help you find the ideal Auckland property for rent.

And for the real estate agents out there, let us help you and your client with managing your renovations before you go for an Auckland property sale. We can manage your handyman, take care of any plumbing or electrical works, and water blasting to even clean during a home staging. You will be amazed to see the time, money, and energy you and your client save with us…This is on top of the positive experience that lets you be carefree!

We invite you to try our Cheapest Auckland property management…not just because our fees are low, but because we care about your time, investments, energy and your tenants.

Contact Jason Patel for a rental appraisal and to discuss your needs: Phone +6493908890  | Email