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Let us work with you to establish a maintenance plan to ensure your home is maintained as required and repaired promptly.

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We what you to know that we understand that your investment property means a lot to you; it could be your retirement plan, an asset you may wish to it pass on to your kids or a flip, to make money.

We are also investors and we understand that acquiring, maintaining & growing real estate wealth requires planning and a good team.

We present ourselves to you as proactive property specialists, not reactive property managers. We inspire to give you a hassle-free experience with us while you enjoy living a great life knowing your investment is in great hands.

Whether you are managing your own properties or getting them managed by another property manager, we believe we have an offer for you, in the way of traditional property management services or in a virtual manner.

airpropty property advice - maintenance & cleaning
airpropty property advice - maintenance & cleaning
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We are passionate about education and ensuring our tenants are well looked after. We’re available to provide guidance about increasing your chances in securing the rental property you want, providing education about tenancies and what expectations there are. We’re there for you as much as we’re there for the landlords.