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Full Property Management Solutions for Landlords

How much does it cost for airpropty to manage my property?

The cost of property management is different everywhere you go. See our pricing page, you’ll love it.

Will I lose control of my property if I give it to you to manage?

Definitely not! We personalise our property management services to suit your needs and meet your expectations. We’ll spend our time working on the nitty gritty and keep you up to date with as much or as little information or details as you want. It’s your property after all!

How often do you inspect the property?

We inspect properties just before a tenancy starts, as soon as the tenancy has ended, and periodically throughout the tenancy.
The regular, periodic inspections are carried out three to four times per year. You establish the frequency of the inspections in conjunction with your insurance requirements.

What do you do to ensure I get the best tenant?

We require all prospective tenants to complete our comprehensive tenancy application form which allows us to collect and validate the information about the applicant. We then use an array of platforms and services to screen and validate the information provided to us.
From our experience and industry knowledge, we can generally identify ‘red flags’ in an application better than the average Joe.
We also require all prospective tenants to physically view or inspect the property they are applying for. This gives us an opportunity to meet them in person and create our own opinion of them to compliment who they say they are on paper.
We like to ensure that both the property and the tenant will compliment each other; if the tenant is great but house doesn’t suit their needs or purpose, we’ll let you know. Often, tenants will convince themselves that a house is perfect just for the sake of securing a house; like a two bedroom unit for a family with two adults and three children. As glowing as their references may be, the house may not suit that family.

How much notice do I need to give if I simply wish the tenant to leave?

That depends on the type of tenancy agreement you have.
There are two types of agreements, Fixed Term and Periodic. A fixed term tenancy is exactly that; a tenancy agreement for a fixed term. The tenancy can only end at the end of that term. The term can be renewed by mutual consent, or terminated at the end of the term. A fixed term tenancy can only end earlier by mutual consent from both Landlord and Tenant.
Periodic tenancies have no end date so tenants will need to be given 90 days notice to terminate the tenancy.  

Do we require special insurance if we rent our property out?

It is recommended to have the right insurance in place to suit your circumstances. Each insurer has different policies available, you want to make sure that you are not only protected for having an investment property, but also cover for actually being a landlord. Yes, there is a difference!

Who collects the rent and when does it come to me?

We collect the rent as per the frequency stated in the tenancy agreement. We release payments to landlords twice a month.

What if I decide to sell the house?

Not a problem. Your house can be on the market with or without tenants. We will talk you through the process and how different options will impact your property and tenants and work with you to achieve your goal. Check out our additional property services to help you prepare to sell.

Do you offer property management nationwide?

We offer Full Property Management Solutions to the Auckland Area, for now. As we continue to grow and expand, nationwide could also an option.

What is the advantage of using a Property Manager?

Easy! We take the hassles of managing your property away from you so you can focus on all the other important things in your life. We use an array of platforms and software to stay on top of our game, ensuring we are providing our clients with the best property management solutions money can buy.
As experienced investors ourselves, we walk the walk, and talk the talk. We offer Full Property Management Solutions, including tenancy management, property maintenance and renovations management, and more.

Do I have to use your service providers or can I use my own?

Airpropty will only use service providers who are licensed and qualified to get the work done. With the changes to the Health & Safety at Work Act, any repairs or maintenance done to rental properties should be done by qualified and licensed service providers, otherwise it may affect the insurance cover for your property, as well as possibly opening up yourself to non-compliance issues. Airpropty allows you to book maintenance and repairs with screened and vetted service providers so you retain control of your property while ensuring your property remains compliant.

How much rent can I receive for my property?

There are many factors that contribute to making this assessment/rental appraisal to determine how much rent your property could receive. Contact us today for a rental appraisal to see how much rent your property could achieve.

How long will it take to rent out my property?

There are several factors to consider to estimate how long it will take to rent out a property, from vacating tenants, the time of the year, even how well the property is maintained can make a difference. Speak to us today to discuss how we can reduce your vacancy period.

What happens with the bond?

We will collect, lodge and manage the bond for our Full Property Management Clients.

Virtual Property Management Solutions for Landlords

Why use airpropty when Tenancy Services offer free advice?

Tenancy Services provide ‘general’ advice and each time you call, you’re not guaranteed to talk to the same person and could end up getting different information. Airpropty will give you advice specific to your property and tenancy details.

Can I get advice on multiple properties I own?

Yes, simply register all the properties you own that you’d like to receive advice on.

Can I get advice 24/7?

As much as we are there to advise and support you, we also need our beauty sleep. We provide advice and support during normal business hours.

Why do you need a copy of the tenancy agreement?

We require a copy of the tenancy agreement and tenancy details to allow us to provide more accurate advice to you because not all tenancies and agreements are the same.

What if my tenants change and I don’t update my details with airpropty, will you still give me advice?

Airpropty gives you advice based on the property and tenancy details you provide to us. If you provide us with incorrect or out-of-date tenancy details, you may not get the correct advice you need. We recommend updating airpropty with any changes to your tenancy and property details.

Can we meet airpropty for face-to-face advice?

The virtual property management advice only option is through phone, email and chat support. At this stage, face-to-face is not available.

Will airpropty be able to prepare tenancy agreements each time my tenants change?

Absolutely, just send us all the relevant information.

What if I don’t want just advice, does airpropty offer full property management?

Definitely! Our full property management service is available at a very competitive price.

Can you offer advice for my properties/tenancies which are overseas?

We can only give you advice on your properties in New Zealand.

Do I need to be in New Zealand to receive advice?

No, you don’t need to be in New Zealand to receive advice but your properties do.

What if I go on a holiday overseas?

We are still available to give you advice; business as usual. But why not explore our full property management services while you enjoy your holiday.

Do you offer advice on how to get more from my properties?

Yes we can. As investors ourselves, we know what it takes to look after, maintain and improve a rental property. It’s quite common to want to invest in making your property bigger and better allowing you to achieve a highest rental yield, but how do you know when to draw the line? We can advise you there.

Do you offer short-term property services?

We offer a month by month service to help landlords who are travelling overseas for more than 21 days and require an agent, as per the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

Tenancy Management Solutions for Tenants

Why use airpropty when Tenancy Services offer free advice?

Tenancy Services provide ‘general’ advice and each time you call, you’re not guaranteed to talk to the same person and could end up getting different information. AirPropty will give you advice specific to your property and tenancy details.

Why do you need a copy of the tenancy agreement?

We require a copy of the tenancy agreement and to ensure we can provide more accurate advice to you because not all tenancies and agreements are the same.

What if my landlord changes but the tenancy agreement stays the same?

It is strongly recommended that you let us know so that it’s noted against your profile.

Do you offer advice nationwide?

Yes we do! We’ll provide tenancy management solutions to tenants all around New Zealand.

Do I need Insurance?

It is recommended that you have the right insurance in place to suit your circumstances as a tenant of a rental property.

Property Services

How can we be sure the tradespeople used are legit?

All tradespeople airpropty use have been screened and vetted. We will only used qualified and certified people to get your tasks done. If you are a service provide or know anyone who offers property services, register with us.

If I don’t use your airpropty for the advice or Property management services, can I still book for maintenance and repairs through airpropty?

Most Definitely! Our maintenance and repairs booking can be used by anyone. You just need to provide us with the property, contact and task details and off you go. Book now.

Do you provide quotes for maintenance jobs?

That depends on the job itself. For small repairs or maintenance, it may not be practical to get multiple quotes as some tradies charge for quotes. Where the job is large, unique to your property or if it will exceed the maximum spending limit you have set, then yes, a quote can be arranged.

What happens if repairs need to be done?

If you’ve signed up for our Full Property Management service, we’ll take care of your property and arrange the repairs within the expenditure limit set. If you’ve signed up for our Virtual Property Management – Advice Only service, book qualified and licenced service providers from our website to get your job done.


Why are you called airpropty?

‘Propty’ in airpropty represents our beliefs in services, such as ‘properly’, ‘pro’, ‘professional’ property people.  
‘Air’ in airpropty represents the virtual property management solutions that we offer throughout New Zealand. You will find more and more products & services from us, which will be exciting and affordable. We invite you to try us and along the way, give us feedback to do better.

Are your fees tax deductible?

Yes they are; we recommend you speak to your accountant to discuss how you can maximise the benefits of this.

Do you offer casual letting service?

Yes we do! Contact us today to see how we can help secure tenants for your property.