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Tenants Services

We are passionate about education and ensuring our tenants services are well looked after. We’re available to provide guidance about increasing your chances in securing the rental property you want, providing education about tenancies and what expectations there are. We’re there for you as much as we’re there for the landlords.

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Virtual Tenancy Managers

This option is ideal for tenants who want to be represented by a professional & qualified property manager or get personalised advice & support. We will guide in you checking your tenancy agreement before you sign it, plus, give you support in every situation. By all means, you can call the Tenancy Services on 0800 836 262 or your local community law centres and get free advice. Our service is paid as it’s more personalised to your situation. For a small fee, It’s a peace of mind knowing someone professional is guiding & supporting you.

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Maintenance / Renovations

Have you been asked to do a few repairs by your landlord or property manager? airpropty has a range of tenant services to get your job done. Whether it’s general repairs, lawn mowing, or even extra cleaning at the end of your tenancy, airpropty has your Auckland rental property covered. We will provide you with the invoice for you to share with your landlord or property manager in Auckland.

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Search through the list of available properties and find the right home for you.

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Moving Services

airpropty offers a range of moving services reducing the stress around moving houses. We will put you in touch with the right people to make this experience a walk in the park.